Efficacy of nusinersen in a diverse patient population of teens and adults treated for up to 30 months

Meet the speaker

Prof. Anna Kostera-Pruszczyk

Dr. Anna Kostera-Pruszczyk is the Professor and Head of the Department of Neurology and Epileptology at The Children’s Memorial Health Institute, Warsaw, Poland. She received an MD and PhD in Medical Sciences from the Medical University of Warsaw, specializing in both pediatric and adult neurology. She is involved in patient care, including intensive care, teaching, and supervising medical students and neurology residents.

Professor Kostera-Pruszczyk has published over 75 refereed journal papers, mostly on neuromuscular disorders (NMDs). She is a member of the Expert Panel of the European Academy of Neurology for NMDs. She is also Vice President of the Polish Society of Pediatric Neurologists, a member of the Polish Neurological Society, the Peripheral Nerve Society, and the European Academy of Neurology.


What real-world evidence shows on nusinersen in a wide severity spectrum of SMA patients in long-term observation (up to 30 months), including first-ever evidence for efficacy in adults with Type 1 SMA.

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